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Zero-downtime Update, Feb 04 2014

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2014-02-04 10:22 , edited 2014-02-11 09:23 by TheBikingViking
- We are happy to announce that we will roll out Platoons for Battlelog for Battlefield 4 later this month - stay tuned!
- Battlelog emblems will now show up in-game on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
- We are aware of an issue, where you receive new Soldier Portraits in Battlepacks, although it appears as if you have unlocked all of them. We are investigating!

- Improved how Battlepacks progression is calculated for Suggestions, so that they are less likely to appear
- The Com Center/Friends list in the mobile app no longer shows the playing/online/offline category (still indicated using the colors), to make it more coherent with the Com Center on
- Minor tweaks to the Awards section in the mobile app, when viewing individual awards (medal + ribbon)
- Other minor improvement and tweaks

- Fixed an issue where the Server Browser in the mobile app would remain empty
- Fixed some blocking issues with the QR Code sign-in flow from Playstation 4 in the mobile app
- Fixed an issue with the Unified Game Manager, where it didn't show the "Set as Active" button if you played on PS3, but had a PS4 soldier active
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't add a Battle Report as favorite in the mobile app
- Choosing Game Size filter settings in the mobile app's Server Browser is no longer listed as Unknown
- Fixed an issue on the mobile app, where you sometimes couldn't click elements in the left side of the app, or it would take you to wrong sub-pages
- The service stars progression bar now shows in the Stats -> Vehicles view
- Fixed various issues with Tracking and Suggestions in the mobile app
- Some player prizes/awards texts had gone missing from BF3 Battle Reports; they are now back
- Certain images on the not-logged-in home page for Battlelog for BF4 didn't show in Internet Explorer 11
- Fixed an issue with the Missions creation in the mobile app, where the "Any Map" was shown as "Unknown"
- Fixed an issue where the tooltip for some ranks in the Battle Feed was not showing the correct name
- Better BF4 home section in the mobile app, if you log in with an account that does not own Battlefield 4
- The Custom Region filter in the Server Browser should now be fully functional and shiny :)
- Fixed an issue where the SPM value showed as 0, when using the profile replay on the Soldier page
- Fixed an issue in the mobile app's Battle Reports, where the teams were sometimes named "Unknown"
- Fixed an issue on the Soldier section in the mobile app, where you could slide the page left and right
- Various other minor fixes
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