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Battlelog Update, November 18th 2014

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2014-11-18 12:08 , edited 2014-11-18 12:09 by skorpan1337

Major release:

- Expansion pack Final Stand released for all Battlefield 4 Premium members


- Fixed issue with server details disappearing when refreshing in the server browser
- Closing an admin chat now longer produces a blank chat box on the admin side
- Fixed issue with incorrect navigation when clicking preview of equipped dog tag
- Fixed issue caused by lingering plugin after uninstallation (prior to reboot)
- Visual glitch in BF3 forums with locked threads
- IP of password protected and private servers are no longer exposed to the server browser
- Pie charts in BF4 Battle reports has been reenabled after Chrome fix
- Default server browser filter for new players in BF4 has been changed to cater for a better first time experience
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Thread is locked.