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All Platforms Game Update Jun 16

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The following features and fixes are included in this release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 unless otherwise noted as a specific platform-only change.

This Update includes content for Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC
• 4 new Maps – Backwoods, Code Blue, Black Friday, The Beat

• New Game Mode – Bounty Hunter

• New Weapons
- KSG-12 - Pump Action Shot gun Enforcer - Good for close quarters. High capacity. Holds 14 rounds of 12 gauge ammo.
- FN FAL - Battle Rifle Enforcer - High rate of fire and lots of recoil. Good range, difficult to control, but high damage.
- SG 510 - Battle Rifle Enforcer- Low rate of fire, fair amount of recoil. Good at range, not quite as accurate as FAL, but less recoil.
- Nail Gun - Battle Pickup - Short range, high damage. The nail falls fast, but can one hit kill to the head at close range.
- M1A1 - SMG for all classes. Minimal customization can be equipped with a 50 round drum magazine of .45 caliber.

• New Masks
- Rabbit Mask (Criminals) / Motorcycle Helmet (Cops) – 10% Gearhead XP Bonus.
- Gorilla Mask (Criminals) / Tactical Helmet (Cops) – 20% Rep XP Bonus.
- Wolf Mask (Criminals) / Riot Helmet (Cops) – 10% Teamplay XP Bonus.
- Dinosaur Mask (Criminals) / Ballistic Helmet (Cops) – 20% Quickdraw XP Bonus.

• Two new Vehicles – Low rider and Pick-up truck

• Two new ammunition types for specific weapons (used as weapon attachments)
- AP Tracer Rounds – increases damage VS armored targets. For AR’s, BR’s, and DMR’s.
- Breaching Rounds – short range explosive round for shotguns.

• A new Gadget
- Tactical Tool Kit – increases interaction speed with objectives.

• Ten new music tracks for all players including:
- "808 In The Trunk" by Brillz & Z-Trip
- "Natural Child" by DTV
- "Stick Em" by Fat Boys
- "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons
- "New Rose" by The Damned
- "Lupine Ossuary" by Thee Oh Sees
- "Bugatti" feat. Pusha T (Juaz Remix) by Tiga
- "Annihilation Affair" by Torche
- "Jeep Stuff" by Hank and Jed
- "Blaze Up The Fire" ft. Chronixx by Major Lazer

• “Netcode” improvements including Projectile tick improvements.
• Addressed some stability issues identified by BugSentry during live server monitoring.
• (Xbox One only) Addressed an issue were bad reputation users were not being muted when joining certain games.
• (PC only) Fixed an issue where servers could run map/mode combinations that are not part of the experience setting.

• Battlelog Plugin update – latest update enables support for Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC.

• TDM spawning has been tuned.
• Fixed issues with some awards and assignments not be awarded correctly.
• Viral patches are now viral.
• Hardcore mode changed to 60% health.
• Tanker in Hotwire mode on Riptide replaced with a sedan.
• Addressed some rare crashes in the single player campaign.
• (PC only) Fixed an issue where the player could hear muffled audio until their next death.

Weapon Tuning
• Car556 more recoil over all.
• ACR more recoil over all.
• Stakeout bullet increased range.
• Spas bullet increased range.
• ARM to NATO LR bullet.
• Carbines bullet end damage buffed to 18.
• .338 Magnum rounds increased damage vs armored insert and OHK range.
• M/45 and Uzi new bullet 9x19mm heavy increases damage fall off and end damage.
• M16, M416, and MPX horizontal recoil increase.
• K10 lowered start of bullet drop off distance to 5m.
• MPX lowered start of bullet drop off distance to 10m and end damage to 12.
• Slug increased range and effectiveness vs Armored insert.
• M1911 increased damage within 10M.
• AWM and R700 start of damage fall off increased to 30M.
• L85 Less recoil and more base accuracy.
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