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Museum: A Historic Battleground

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2015-08-05 18:18
The night guards are surprisingly absent at the Turing Natural History Museum. Were they tipped off? Bribed? Regardless of why they disappeared, the Turing’s legendary Blue Diamond is sitting unprotected – a tantalizing target for daring jewel thieves. How will they break in and make off with this priceless artifact? Have their ranks been infiltrated and their plan uncovered by the police?

The answers to these questions will be revealed in Museum, one of four new maps featured in Battlefield™ Hardline: Robbery.

Click here to view a fly-through of one of our upcoming maps []

Museum is the first 100% indoors map for Battlefield Hardline. The various wings and floors of the Turing Natural History Museum make this setting a perfect infantry map. (Make sure to equip your shotgun and riot shield!) Among the exhibits are a collection of Egyptian relics, a planetarium with a suspended model of the solar system, and the requisite ensemble of Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, and Utah Raptor skeletons. As should be expected, micro-destruction reigns supreme in this map, as do any gadgets that can take advantage of close quarters and tight hallways. []

One of the goals of Museum is to give Battlefield Hardline players an ideal map to experiment with the new 5v5 game mode, Squad Heist. With multiple ways to pull off the Blue Diamond heist (and subsequent escape to safety), this map is the perfect playground to sharpen your tactical skills. []

In playtests at Visceral, the Rescue and Hostage game modes have also been exceptionally popular on this map. So get your ticket punched for entry to the Museum, and let us know what you think of the map when it launches this September!

Gain a 2-week head start on Battlefield Hardline: Robbery with Battlefield Hardline Premium. []
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2015-08-05 18:39
Rescue and Hostage may be popular at Visceral, but Visceral needs to pull their heads up and look around. The only gaeplay in the real world is DM (eww) and conquest (ick) - that is when there are any servers populated at all.
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2015-08-06 10:53
There are different other game modes like bloodmoney and heist wich are played often. Of course DM and CQ are the most popular but there are other popular game modes wich are played often. *sorry for my English...
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2015-08-08 10:17
a person can just rent a server and set the limit to 10 people, problem solved
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2015-08-11 21:54
Lol all the guys moaning about no servers an never been able to find a game bla bla bla are all those guys who tell us should have got a pc not a console but guess what I play hardline errrr day on a mix of game modes an servers
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2015-08-13 01:38
How about RUSH?
Heros don't die, they reload.
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2015-08-14 08:34
XxHappyChefxX said:
How about RUSH?

Squad rush is coming
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That's strange I got the cash and a gold battle pack!
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a historic wasteland
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