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Battlefield Hardline: Blackout is Coming Soon for

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Have u noticed how all the gun prices added into the game in the last few dlc's were a lot higher than the cost of the base game guns when bfh came out... I wonder why they did this. If u haven't figured it out it was to keep players playing longer since it would take longer to earn these new weapons, but all it did was flop like the rest of the game did. It didn't keep many playing since we knew it was just a sad way to keep us interested and make us feel like we got our money's worth. How about u give us actual content instead of a few guns that aren't even challenging to unlock , just boring
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Dude Battlefield Hardline is an amazing game and they don't just add a few guns. They have all sorts of new features like capture the bag or the rap sheets. If your going to sit here and complain about the game then how bout you make your own game. Also there's going to be betrayal coming this spring with many new things to do and it is your money's worth.
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2016-02-12 07:26
I just upgraded to premium only to find absolutely not one single player on any of the new maps etc.
Is anyone else having this issue?
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Good to see that here are no new forums for the the dlc
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