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Battlelog Update - Feb 9th 2016

SE Enlisted: 2013-01-04
2016-02-09 16:03
Here is the detailed list of changes and improvements included in this update:

Features & improvements:

• Various fixes and improvements to BFH Competitive Match
• Updated and improved the server join flow for all titles
• Updated BFH Quick Match filtering to focus on base game maps and modes
• Pre-requirements are now displayed for BFH Assignments on Mobile
• Import Tuner added to BFH Vehicle Stats on Mobile


• Battlefeed now displays correct item images and names between all game sections
• Fixed various localization issues on Mobile and Tablet
• BFH servers now display correct Preset in the server list
• Fixed issue where the BFH Loadout did not update on Tablet
• BFH camos are now displayed correct on Mobile
• Map images are now displayed properly in Reports on Mobile
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.