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Account transfer*

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2016-05-30 20:57 , edited 2016-06-01 20:49 by Cryphisss
please help me big fan of this game is there any way i can transfer my account from ps3 to xbox one? help please :(

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GB Enlisted: 2012-05-20
2016-05-30 22:33
Nope not possible only transfer from ps3 to 4 or xbox360 to xbone
SE Enlisted: 2012-10-03
2016-06-01 20:50
As the user above me has stated, it is only possible to transfer from PS3 to PS4 or XBOX 360 to XBOX One. No cross platform transfer supported. :(
NL Enlisted: 2012-01-29
2016-06-05 10:34 , edited 2016-06-05 10:39 by Starscreamer028
Stupid question and a ton of topics about this. And no stats transfer is not even cross-over possible from ps3 to ps4. Only Premium ps3 to ps4 or Xbox360 to Xbox one is cross-over for Hardline. Please use next time the search function
Enlisted: 2016-03-23
2016-06-17 03:02
this is why I decided intead of getting a Ps4 I'm going to Xb1
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