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Site web : smeggaming.co.uk • Créée : 27-02-2014

5 450 854 / 3 306 000

5 450 854
1611 h 31 m
=SMEG= came together in May 2009 by the efforts of Chocky and Blighster - Both are now retired.
They created the clan with the main intentions of having a FUN and humorous website and server.
We feel we have created both and invite you to join in.

We pride ourselves on being a hack and cheat free clan. You can find our Battlefield 4 server by clicking here [battlelog.battlefield.com]

We also have an active TeamSpeak 3 server come and join us. ts.smeggaming.co.uk letmein

Our members are mainly from the UK, but we have other members from elsewhere in the World, like Ireland, USA, Croatia, and Norway.

To become an official =SMEG= member, register at our website.

www.smeggaming.co.uk [smeggaming.co.uk]


Nice to have played with your lot in a scrimmage, was nice to beat up my Tw@T friends. winning 4-0 even with allot of you that never played rush lol epic. if you need an extra player once more just ask and i`ll join in. GG and see you around
il y a 7 ans • 0 J'aime