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Stworzono: 05.05.2015

100 600 / 205 000

2 742 600
1340h 43m
Welcome to War clan. All new members welcome just apply and look our server up on ps4 Strippers & beers the orignal server. we are a friendly clan and always looking for clan matches or scrims so just msg one of the clan leaders or founders. Also Be Ready For War


Interested in a Clan battle?
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dear Jenki, you're a classless pussy with zero integrity.
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>>>>Good afternoon, was playing on the server you and I kicked and banned from the server without any reason, the only online administrator on the server by the time I was kicked was the jenki_w who happens to be the server owner II played.

Just like to know why?

Boa tarde, estava jogando no servidor de vocês e fui kickado e banido do servidor sem nenhum motivo, o unico administrador on-line no servidor na hora que eu fui kickado era o jenki_w que por acaso é o dono do servidor que eu joguei.

Só gostaria de saber qual o motivo?

4 lata temu • 2 polubienia
jenki has one big pussy! He kicked me for killing him. Pussy ass mother fucker!!!!!
4 years temu
Jenki is a cunt. He kicked me after gunning him down when he broke through our line on Metro. I responded by re-joining, this time to his team to team kill him as a good gesture. Fuck that guy.
4 years temu
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Constantly kicked from your server when ever you all are loosing and the other team is beasting. Try winning w/o kicking people.
4 lata temu • 3 polubienia
Are you guys interested in a Schrimage 16 vs16
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any one looking to join post request to join and ill add u we r always good for more members
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