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Website: handgaming.org/ • Created: 2017-01-13

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>Join us on TeamSpeak at: handgaming.org:9987
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Until they fix, you can type "Internet Explorer" in your lower windows search bar, then click on it. Also need to update your profile user settings by clicking on User, Settings, then update the Game Launch method to disable plug-in free game launching.
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você que me baniu, tem como deixa eu jogar de novo no servidor?
5 days ago
Wanted to help the Hardline community for players that cannot get the game started after the 4/16/2019 Origin client update:

Fix for Battlog activation error 4/16/2019

Use IE nothing else make sure you have Plugin on battlelog screen hover mouse over your name top right screen click settings turn off
Use plugin-free game launching and make sure IE is your default browser.

1973Chris provided this!

Also works with Firefox. Those are the only browsers for plugin support.
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Nevermind on Firefox, only OLDER Firefox works. Use only IE please...
1 week ago
Further clarification of the Block Rules:

Red Zone: Do not go into the enemy uncap base, doing so is cause for immediate ban. This is the Red Zone and causes a spawn glitch for the losing team, preventing them from being able to spawn. This means don’t even encroach it or peek in. Even throwing nades into the losing spawn triggers the spawn protection glitch, so please don’t push it!
• Cops: If your body is sticking out past the criminal’s wall on the street behind C, you are in violation.
• Criminals: If your body sticks out past the glass windows of the stores at A, you are in violation. There are a few other areas where the criminals can red zone. On the alley side, do not go past the van or attempt to jump on it. On the street side, do not go up to or into the second liquor store door.

Nade Spam: Spamming nades is forbidden. Spamming nades includes all explosives, incendiary, gas, molotov, smoke, breeching charges, etc. Note: the losing team can spam nades, only if they are trapped. Once they take a base, (cops A or crims C) they can no longer spam. Spamming nades is when you sit on an ammo box lobbing nades. Also, continuous lobbing of nades into the losing teams spawn is a violation. Excessive nades/gas/smoke/etc. anywhere unless trapped is very annoying and will be dealt with accordingly.

Language: Please keep the chat friendly and non-threatening. Absolutely no racist, hateful, derogatory, gender or homophobic remarks will be tolerated.

Sniper Limit: Only 5 wookies per team. The first 5 to get a kill with a sniper rifle get a reserved slot for that round. You can type “!snipers” to see if there are any open slots.

Wall Glitching: If you are 98% or more behind a wall and shooting through it and can’t be hit, you are glitching. Once is usually just an accident but if it continues, it will be treated as a violation.

Voteban Abuse: Do not abuse the voteban system. Votebans are not meant to be used because you don’t like someone. Votebans are there to protect the users when an admin is not available. Votebans are to empower the users to enforce the above rules, not to seek retribution. If you are caught abusing the voteban system, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Constant Complaining: Constantly calling others hackers or insulting them because you don’t like the way they play will get you on the list too.

Kicking/ Banning: The last thing we want to do is ban players but is necessary for some. We will generally try to educate the new users with a Kill/Move, Kick, 4 hour temp ban, much longer temp ban and then a perm ban if necessary. However, depending on the offense, warnings may not be given.
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noticed I was kicked earlier akkadiansWife claims she hates my talkative nature, always tells me to shut up.I'm not understand how its none of my buisness what the admins do. I thought we were all suppose to get along and have fun. Todd my dear friend I enjoy playing on your server. I just think sometimes the do as I say and not as I do is a bit much. the only other friend I have found on this server other than you is Redd, GOD bless you all
3 months ago
could you please remvoe my ban? it has already a dead game and we cannot find any servers.
3 months ago
Hello, I was just kicked because I was "too talkative" and earlier I was kicked for being accused of hacking (which of course im not). This is the ONLY server left that people play and I would love it if you could unban me. (at this time I don't know if it is a temporary ban or a perma ban). If this is a perma ban, this is the most ridiculous reason to be permanently banned.
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Hello! A few weeks ago, I had a particularly good round on your Block Party server that culminated in an admin banning me for server disruption and disrespect, among things. I was one of the most regular players on the server, often joining and trying to populate it with myself and my friends to keep it alive. I've been kicked before, but a permanent ban without discussion prior seems a bit much.

I placed a (rather lengthy) appeal on your forums the same day of my ban and it seems that it hasn't been looked at yet. I'd really love to hop on and play again, sometime. Thanks!
2 months ago • 0 Like
baseraping and gas is forbidden.they based our spawn so we could not play.i just sweared and cursed them and your server banned me for using vulgar language.control your server well then ban people.bad reps from us.remove my ban please.
3 months ago • 0 Like
wow perfect admin i ask you base raping and you look for make balance at game you kick me so nice
3 months ago • 0 Like

when i leave hand - hand server banned me for nothing - you not have honor - sssssss
if you have brave, answer me - ban for what:? -:))))))))

p.s. omg - you smell
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not nice redd, I just ask you - you kick me me from friendlist, omg - I cry:) - you not have balls redd
you are a coward, sssssss - good luck to you
4 months ago
It's true, Redd. Your balls are AWOL.
4 months ago
Dear Founders, 3 at least one of your members (Tidicus, AkkadiansWife and Inkster71) deliberatly killed me by console 3 times without reason and when I complained i was kicked out of the server. During 50 minutes of Play and 6 Matches our Team never won a single one even when sometimes I single handed the whole Team, they refused to balance and at the end like i said they even killed me 3 times by console during critical Moments to make sure they would win. If you want a boost server then make it full private and dont allow others to join, or at least be frank About it and say you are grinding coins and achivements, because ist quite sad that you behaved like that at the end despite my recognition and my thanks for having this server/mod. Hope actions are taking before they delete my post
5 months ago • 1 Like
hi somebody can unblock me on this server?
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seus lixo fdp
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