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Website: handgaming.org/ • Created: 2017-01-13

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>Join us on TeamSpeak at: ts95.gameservers.com:9189
>Videos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y11ckvESicE [youtube.com]
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Further clarification of the Block Rules:

Red Zone: Do not go into the enemy uncap base, doing so is cause for immediate ban. This is the Red Zone and causes a spawn glitch for the losing team, preventing them from being able to spawn. This means don’t even encroach it or peek in. Even throwing nades into the losing spawn triggers the spawn protection glitch, so please don’t push it!
• Cops: If your body is sticking out past the criminal’s wall on the street behind C, you are in violation.
• Criminals: If your body sticks out past the glass windows of the stores at A, you are in violation. There are a few other areas where the criminals can red zone. On the alley side, do not go past the van or attempt to jump on it. On the street side, do not go up to or into the second liquor store door.

Nade Spam: Spamming nades is forbidden. Spamming nades includes all explosives, incendiary, gas, molotov, smoke, breeching charges, etc. Note: the losing team can spam nades, only if they are trapped. Once they take a base, (cops A or crims C) they can no longer spam. Spamming nades is when you sit on an ammo box lobbing nades. Also, continuous lobbing of nades into the losing teams spawn is a violation. Excessive nades/gas/smoke/etc. anywhere unless trapped is very annoying and will be dealt with accordingly.

Language: Please keep the chat friendly and non-threatening. Absolutely no racist, hateful, derogatory, gender or homophobic remarks will be tolerated.

Sniper Limit: Only 5 wookies per team. The first 5 to get a kill with a sniper rifle get a reserved slot for that round. You can type “!snipers” to see if there are any open slots.

Wall Glitching: If you are 98% or more behind a wall and shooting through it and can’t be hit, you are glitching. Once is usually just an accident but if it continues, it will be treated as a violation.

Voteban Abuse: Do not abuse the voteban system. Votebans are not meant to be used because you don’t like someone. Votebans are there to protect the users when an admin is not available. Votebans are to empower the users to enforce the above rules, not to seek retribution. If you are caught abusing the voteban system, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Constant Complaining: Constantly calling others hackers or insulting them because you don’t like the way they play will get you on the list too.

Kicking/ Banning: The last thing we want to do is ban players but is necessary for some. We will generally try to educate the new users with a Kill/Move, Kick, 4 hour temp ban, much longer temp ban and then a perm ban if necessary. However, depending on the offense, warnings may not be given.
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Adding to the above. No nades are to be thrown into the losing teams spawn. This can set off the spawn protection glitch and prevent users from being able to spawn. This also further pushes back the losing team and lends itself to people red zoning.
1 year ago
Hey brother, I do not understand why you're shutting me out? it's just a silly implication rather than a fair one. but it's okay to enjoy your server!
8 months ago
hi somebody can unblock me on this server?
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seus lixo fdp
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