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Website: www.globalsnipergroup.com • Created: 2014-02-27

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NOTE: Platoon Membership does NOT constitute clan membership

{GsG} was founded in October 2008 by formers members of {H-911} and =GZ1=. {GsG} stands for "Global Sniper Group", mainly because our members live all over the world and we speak many different languages.
From the U.S.A. to Holland, from Australia to Brazil and dont`t forget India...We are the biggest BF2 sniper-only clan in the world. Mainly we play Battlefield 2 Sniper only, but also Total Warfare and Infantry. Even Call of Duty is represented by our clan members.

If you play any of the Battlefield Series, you've probably been SNIPED by one of our members once.


Any one here from (ATF) sniper
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hey there old friends :)
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Hello Guys
Hope you guys are doing fine !
cheers ein
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hey guys just figured I,d say hi
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Hello everyone!
Tired of the mindless teammates? Weak opponents? Tired of not adequate Admin? Want to raise your skill? There is a great option! Army of Sand opens his training camp in the mode of superiority. Here are all the popular card, no restrictions on weapons and classes.

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/e2e00df6-013a-46db-a5ad-91e9b68513c1/Army-of-Sand-Hardcore-Domination/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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http://www.team-des-fra.fr/CoM/bf3.php?p=+heady1860 [team-des-fra.fr]

heady1860 - chitr
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hahaha :) ty bud i hope so .... k/D is all ^^
4 years ago
Congrats on lvl 25...
What do we get for it now? lol
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too all recruits: if we don't know you, some one will send you a friend request, accept and we'll be in touch. Thanks.
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if u wonder who I am, im random_sniper666 from the old days of BF2 :-D
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Lemme paint you a picture son - Portrait of a bitch posting on our wall
5 years ago