[LQVE] Quake 4 Life

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Created: 2017-01-07

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You are a fan of games like Unreal Tournament, Quake, CPMA, LawBreakers, Painkiller, Reflex Arena, Shootmania Storm, Warsow, etc.? Then feel free to join :) You don't like those games? No problem, if I like you, you're still welcome :P :) - Arena-Shooter 4 Life!



#1 All members should play in the same team, until the autobalancer moves one.
#2 All members have to wear LQVE clan tag
#3 (valid from 5 or more members) If the enemy team is dominated due to the combined power of the clan members (rule #1), be fair and assist the weak team to cure the balance.

If I have to remind you several times to follow the rules... well maybe you don't fit our platoon...

The name of the clan doesn't stand for "love" actually, Well, not exactly at least. It's referred to the american horror author H.P. Lovecraft - the creator of the well known Cthulhu-Mythos. Quake, what the Q in LQVE stands for, is the legendary Arena FPS, whose dark atmosphere and lore is embedded in that Mythos. So I tried to combine my passion (a.k.a. love) for the Cthulhu Mythos, all Arena FPS games and especially Quake in 4 letters.
Furthermore, L & Q in combination with my nick "Opt1X" stand for "Laser & Quantum Optics" which is the field, I am working on irl.

LQVE in a nutshell for dummies: Passion for Quake (AFPS), Lovecraft, Laser & Quantum Optics = LQVE

The best documentary about Quake can be found here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OipJYWhMi3k [youtube.com]

Official clan song: https://youtu.be/W_TdhIfxHTY [youtu.be]

:D :D :D



Hey Guys, Sn4ppshot here from DiNO Platoon. We would like to invite all off your members to our server for a LQVE Platoon vs DiNO Platoon game day... Your are all welcome to speak to your team leaders so they can suggest maps and game rules. We will consider all inputs and have an awesome face off. We will be introducing our ranking system on this day as well. Please let us know if you guys are interested.
Thanks Guys
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Hey Sn4pssh0t, thank you for your invitation. I was busy so I didn't see the message on here. I don't think that I can be there this weekend. I will talk to my guys and let you know for a fitting day.
1 month ago
(LQVE) Epicl_Opt1X : Fuck Noob & Idiot
1 week ago
(LQVE) Epicl_Opt1X : Fuck Noob & Idioten Platoon
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Ja epic ist eine idiotische Frankfurt sausag
1 month ago
Lol why this song the vibe of mango? :)
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nice song
3 months ago
you ban the team ok no pb
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Lets take future with ouer hands !!!
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