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Hi, my friendslist is full all the time. I would love to accept you all but DICE does not. I won't accept Blackberrys (Not having an Avatar) and delete friends again if they don't talk to me at all.
やばい 止まれない 止まらない
昼に夜に朝にsinging so loud
好きなことしてるだけだよ Girls Go Maniac
あんなメロディ こんなリリック
探していきたいんだ もっともっと
みんな一緒にね Chance Chance 願いを
Jump Jump 掲げて
Fun Fun 想いを Shout Shout 伝えよう
19.5% GOML. If you are below 10% you might suck at this game.
Hackusation? Make your own decision.