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How to best use recruitment forums [PC,PS3,XBOX]

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2012-10-25 06:13
SOAR_Haunter from Battlefield 3 said it best with their post on how to use the recruitment section of the forums.

First and foremost there are 3 different versions of the game. Expedite forum readers browsing by posting the system you play on in the title post.
Another important thing to include in the title page could be what region you play in.
North America - NA
South America - SA
Australia - AU
Europe - EU
Russia - RU

Example (PC) Special Operations Recruiting New members (EU). (XBOX) Newby looking for casual platoon (NA).

The title is the single most important factor in whether or not someone will read your post. Try to include the most basic and important quality of your search or group. If you are looking for a helo pilot specifically, mention that in the title. If you are a casual group in general recruitment, mention that you are casual and openly recruiting. Military simulated platoons should also mention this in the title.

When describing your platoon to prospective members, try not to use generalities. While it is nice to explain the general attributes of your community and your players, it is better to explain how exactly your team operates in-game and what the expectations of the members are outside of game.

=Examples of out of game requirements=
Location (Platoons are often regionally based)
Voice communication
Forum registration
Minimum age requirement

=Examples of in-game requirements=
Minimum KD ratio
Minimum rank
Minimum SPM
Minimum hours in-game (Total or per week)
Vehicle specialist - (Looking for a helo specialist, tank specialist, infantry, or an all around player?)
Use of camouflage
Use of specializations
Use of clan tags

=Questions that prospective members might have=
Hardcore versus Casual gaming?
Military Simulation versus Casual Play?
How do squads operate in given platoon?
Is there a hosted server?
Does this team participate in scrimmages?
What is the power structure like, who is responsible for giving orders, taking orders?
How many members does your group have?
What is this platoon looking for in its members?
Is there a minimum activity level or skill level?
Am I allowed to join other platoons as well?
Can I leave and rejoin?

If you are a prospective member and looking to join, answering these questions helps to narrow down responses to your post so that you only get platoons that you meet the requirements of.
How old are you?
What is your general location? (NA versus EU for example)
If PC, mention whether you have voice communication software, which kind and whether you are open to downloading and using new software. (Mumble, Vent, Teamspeak, Skype)
Mention any Instant Messaging programs you might have. (Xfire, Skype, MSN etc)
Do you like hardcore military simulation, light military simulation, or casual game play? (saying "Theres a guy over there" compared to "Hostile Contact" on voice chat)
Do you prefer to play lone wolf or would you like to operate in a group? (Do you like to take orders? If not join a casual group.)
Is having a hosted server important to you?
Are you looking for a large platoon or a small group?
Do you want to participate in scrimmages?
Are you ok with registering on any given forums.
Try your best to represent your personality through your post and you will have much better luck finding that perfect fit.
This list is not all inclusive but hopefully should give you an idea of things to include when thinking about how to portray your squad or yourself.
Please feel free to post any suggestions on top of this.
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Durka durhkhaaaaa
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2012-10-25 06:50
Maybe one day I'll come back to this section and will lose my "Forever Alone" status lol.
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2012-10-25 06:51
On that day we shall all celebrate together :)
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2012-10-25 07:43
good post. will help if im looking to recruit any new members to my clan.
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2012-10-26 14:10
SYSK is now recruiting ps3
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Being new to this game/community i found this very helpful, tyvm
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2012-10-28 09:49
ulster_scot84 add me mate from England an i need more english people mate
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2012-10-29 01:16 []
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2012-10-29 14:08
Swedish recon squad for swedish snipers , come apply and join the game :D
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2012-10-30 01:01 [] if your loooking for a team that will have your back and check all corners.
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2012-10-31 21:26
Anyone wanna platoon battle ?
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2012-11-02 16:03
join UK IRL PLATOON united to enter clan competitions for buddys all nations
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2012-11-02 23:02
how do i link my platoon to a post?
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2012-11-03 19:01
ok you told us how to make a platoon, thankyou

now tell us how to play a platoon match on 360, i bet you carn't and i bet you dont answer this post,

You have not even played a platoon match.
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2012-11-05 07:24
platoon UNDEAD NIGHTMARE. american teams join
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2012-11-05 07:53
Casual plyr from UK looking for platoon. Am a team player!!! usually play 11pm- 5am when i can.
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2012-11-05 23:15
great post, thxs
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