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[MOHA] Clan/Platoon Recruiting on the PS3 & 360!

CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2014-05-21 18:00
I will give a brief summary of the clan & platoon for the people that are interested..

We started back in 2010 to unite the Medal Of Honor: Airborne community move forward into newer games such as Medal Of Honor (2010) & Battlefield 3 and have since expanded into Halo: Reach & Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 and MOH: Warfighter, Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Warface! The Clan/Platoon tag is MOHA which stands for Medal Of Honor Airborne/Aces. We understand not everyone would have come from the Medal Of Honor: Airborne community anymore so the "Aces" part reflects the good players that have come from the Medal Of Honor & MOH: Warfighter communities as well. We also accept new recruits that might be just starting with Warfighter. All are welcome to the MOH: Warfighter Platoon but if you want to join the overall clan we would like for you to have and be active in at least 2 games we support, one of them having to be a Medal Of Honor game! We also accept players of course from the Battlefield communities who are good at flying helicopters & jets and are good infantry solider players and we also welcome players with a military "Airborne" background or just players in general that like an "Airborne" themed platoon/clan!

We have been around for over 3 years now and our MOH: Warfighter platoon on the Xbox 360 is currently ranked 85th in the world (with a high of being 75th in the world) and we are ranking on the PS3 as well but as next generation systems come out and Security Proofs affects player's accounts or people just move on from Xbox Live or PSN, the active clan/platoon members dwindle and we are currently looking for some new recruits to continue on the fight!

All are welcome but if you come from the Medal Of Honor: Airborne community you are favored or just come from the Medal Of Honor community in general but we welcome Battlefield Vets as well to help MOHA become the Best Of Both Worlds! As it stands now, I just want active players to play with! :-)

I am also a good Fireteam buddy who consistently uses his mic and finishes atop the leaderboards on his team or overall a lot! You want your name in highlights then MOHA is for you! We accept all types of players from the casual to the hardcore.. the main thing is playing and having fun and if we can kick some butt in the meantime, then so be it! :-)

"We came from the skies and will rise above the rest! With the MOHA Clan... multiplayer gets Airborne! THIS is Tier 1!"


P.S. send a message to GeorgeNLCA on either the Xbox 360 or PS3 if you are interested in either joining the Platoon or the overall clan and also apply in game to the Platoon and make sure it is the one that is called MOHAirborneAces on the PS3 or MOH AirborneAces on the Xbox 360!
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2014-11-07 16:19
You can also send a message to me on the Xbox 360 if you are interested in joining the Clan or I can also add you to the MOH: Warfighter Platoon after you apply in game in Warfighter. As a side note, we also support the game Destiny now as well!
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2014-12-05 04:09
I Want to Join so i will send you a message and platoon request. Unfortunately I do not have MoH: Airborne but i Do have MoH: Warfighter, Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Warface all on 360. I am getting an Xbox one today with Halo MCC, battlefield 4. I am reasonable at shooters and will not let you down.
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2015-03-25 16:02
PS3 part of the clan/platoon currently inactive due to my PS3 dying but still looking for active Xbox 360 Warfighter Platoon members to play with. We support other games as well such as Battlefield 3, BF4, BF: Hardline on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (for the latter two) as well as other games on the Xbox 360. Especially looking for true Medal Of Honor fans that would enjoy playing all current Medal Of Honor games on the Xbox 360 every now and again and looking for platoon/clan members who wouldn't mind game hopping from one game to another on various days.

I currently rotate amongst the various clan supported games we play per day but mainly stick with MoH: Warfighter, BF4 and now BF: Hardline and go back to our other supported games Medal Of Honor, Medal Of Honor: Airborne, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Destiny, Halo 4 and Halo: Reach every now and again as time is permitted! We also support Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One.

As you play with the platoon/clan more, I am also looking for "Game Leaders" that will be in control of one of the games we support as I being the creator/overall leader of the clan/platoon(s) and having to support all the games don't get to focus on any one game anymore for any length of consistent time.

Send me a message on Xbox Live on your supported platform or leave a message here as a start.

In MoH: Warfighter our platoon on the Xbox 360 is currently ranked 81st in the world.

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2015-07-02 22:39
Hi all. I still play into the Medal Of Airborne Online. I play since 3,5 the year practically every day. Heartily I invite to the game . My account on Facebook : [] My nick at game : Genius
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