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is this an obvious sign of cheating?

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2016-03-27 01:53 , edited 2016-03-27 01:54 by shathe_nele_m_la
i've been in a couple of games where someone will run out past me, totally clueless that i am there, and the second i raise my gun to aim and shoot them in the back they whip around doing a 180 and one shot kill me. granted i lose almost EVERY one-on-one gunfight because of some sort of crappy lag problem (it has gone away for a few minutes toward the end of a couple matches and it is like night and day. "WOW. people actually die when i shoot them!!!"), but the key here is the fact that they shoot me ONLY after i aim at them. is there some sort of cheat that would explain this? i don't want to know how to cheat, just to confirm that it's happening... the MP for this game is REALLY not fun with the crappy lag problems on my system...
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2016-03-29 02:14
I would bet it is a latency issue mostly. try to play a low ping server only, one that has admin that kicks serious laggers. good luck.
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2016-03-29 13:53
PS3 - no admins sir :-)
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2016-03-29 17:44
ok well I guess he is hooped then ty for the heads up sir!
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2016-03-30 13:58
I have no clue if anyone is cheating on the PS3, I heard of many accusations, but no proof, like you can find on youtube only from MOHW PC.

But some servers are usually more bad than others, higher ping, more lag.
Also some games, when you are up against many players from another continent seems to lag server extra.
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2016-03-31 10:44
Doesn't sound like cheating, judging from your stats and how bad your connection is it's probably a mix between the two. Maybe try join low ping servers <60, might help
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2016-04-01 06:10
eyes and ears. i had a point, but, alas, i have forgotten it.
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2016-04-07 12:09
Surprisingly, I am on the east coast US, and I have more lag/latency issues on the west coast servers than I do on the Eurpean servers with a higher ping. Go figure.
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2016-04-07 17:04
yes we have seen that issue as well!
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2016-05-31 16:17
Bad connections, even though you might have great ping.Still, won't help if the enemy has a crappy connection. I have a ping of 18ms on west and players with foreign connections will still kill me with one shot. Best advise I can give is just kill them as fast as you can and evade =(
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