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introducing new battlefield forums

NL Enlisted: 2012-12-25
2016-05-18 17:19
since you already locked the thread after posting, bit weird imo but ok,
i have one question for you. since i do not play battlefield, but moh warfighter,
what should i do on these battlefield forums?

listen to battlefieldplayers about battlefield stuff?
makes no sense to me, why not keep this forum alive,
and let us warfighters talk about our stuff, and vice versa.
or is it maybe a little inconvenient for ea that we are still alive,
despite, well let me keep it civil, ea's non efforts to keep it alive.

pardon me for taking the liberty to follow up on this closed thread,
but opinions should be heard, even by ea's mods.

happy fraggin,

Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.