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Medal of Honor Warfighter Directx error

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2012-11-09 22:36 , edited 2012-11-17 16:52 by kumakiil
I am getting this error after playing 5-6 min ...any soltn. for this ??..please i am trying to play this for a past the4 days now

Directx function "DxRenderer::map" failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY: Ran
out of memory. GPU: "AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series",Driver 12.11
(9.002-120928-148276c-ATI).Free virtual memory: 683756/2097024kb.Total resource memory: 0 kB.Make sure you have a supported garphics card with atleast 512 MB

ps configuration
DualCore - E6700 - 3,2GHz
DDR2 - 4GB
ATI Radeon 6790 DDR5 -1Gb
Windows7 Ultimate 64bit
TR Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2012-11-22 14:40
BUMP. I have the same error and couldnt find a possible fix.
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-11-24 16:45
Not any one a fix? it's only in sector control. EA have a nice card radeon 7870 with 2 g memery on card, for what reason can i have not enough memory? (8G internal memory)
fix it please or provide a solution
CA Enlisted: 2011-12-27
2012-11-24 22:33
Same here.
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2012-12-10 15:57
I have the same problem
US Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-12-10 17:53
I'll ask our Tech person on this end, and we'll see if there is a solution in place.
BE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-12-12 13:15
hi , im having an error aswell , AGAIN first with bf3 now with mohw
i think the problemlies with origin , never should have added it to the game.

so my error is : invalid liscense. cose reason = missing DLL: dxgi.dll

please help me with this 4 days i have already been trying to fix this
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-12-12 13:25
You have a problem with DirectX, Killer, pls re-install or update that or get help from the Microsoft site(Maybe DXWebsetup will help you, Google it...)... Nothing EA or DC can do about a faulty install or update from another company... Good luck.. :)
DK Enlisted: 2011-12-25
2012-12-25 00:08
It happens to me aswell sometimes i do get to join a match without problems. but most of the times i get that error... I've tryed repair installing but nothing happened...
FR Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-12-26 11:01
NL Enlisted: 2011-12-14
2012-12-26 16:43
I found the solution go to c:/users/my documents/MOHW and delete the hole map and then start up the game
Enlisted: 2012-12-24
2012-12-26 21:23
: invalid liscense. cose reason = missing DLL: dxgi.dll

Same error as above , Tech said same thing "DirectX" needs updating ?? My Reply " B.S.." Sorry E.A.. , Thats Bogus , There is an issue with the downloaded pc version on Vista at least . Funny , I Used neighbors CD/DVD and game runs fine . Uninstalled his version and get same message again on downloaded version . They do or say whatever so they dont have to give a refund .
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2013-03-03 12:29
happens to me something like .. is when I start the game everything goes really well when I'm in campaign or multiplayer and I will start the game with lag
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2013-04-08 04:15
hello guys I have the same error komandant_kuma and who is she that I have the solution after 3 months since we last played for this error I'd give up and I was waiting for the update.
I have read several guides saying to update your drivers to the latest version (AMD, NVIDIA, INTEL) but to me it did not work well or you can download the torrent file and overwrite the game, but it did not work, then what I thought while I to me happen to me all the colors of errors between the games I immediately thought of a solution that to me has solved a lot of problems in other games, which is to delete the save of the game, I know you lose everything again but at least this damn game. WARNING: from me has solved the problem that did not start the game, explain, after starting from the special icon for me was the introduction video and then upload ......... a long black screen with the error at the end of komandant_kuma just that to him after 5-6 minutes of the game gave the error instead of me when people arrived at the main menu after loading. for here if you have the same problem that I had you do so. I hope I have helped someone. hello.
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2013-06-17 21:45
fixed the problem?
FR Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2013-06-17 23:12
try downclocking ur GC but no official fix
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2014-07-06 04:59
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2014-12-21 13:25
I have the same error, and when you search : "DxRenderer::map" failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY: in google

The "Top 5" results point to EA sites and forums, everything about MOHW

And... We are still with this error EA
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2015-01-28 11:35 , edited 2015-01-28 11:36 by simoV49
Im getting this for 2nd time even tho after the first one I changed my settings to low..I got 2GB DDR3 GPU with 3.3GB Hyper Memory .. and it says I need atleast 512MB video memory, dafuq?EA do something, instead of replying tweets all day, pay attention to your other customers, please.
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2015-10-26 20:33 , edited 2015-10-26 20:35 by GrunnArmy050
i got the same problem here!
(Directx function "DxRenderer::map" failed with E_OUTOFMEMORY: Ran
out of memory. GPU: "AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series",Driver 12.11
(9.002-120928-148276c-ATI).Free virtual memory: 683756/2097024kb.Total resource memory: 0 kB.Make sure you have a supported garphics card with atleast 512 MB ) and i got a 4G graphics card XD
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