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*** UPDATE ***
Added a few Q&As to the new Bugs/Feedback section. We’re listening to all of your feedback and trying to address the top-line issues in this blog post.

There are a lot of questions being asked about the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta. We’ve gathered some of the big ones with answers. Ask your burning questions about the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta by adding a post in the Comments section.

Special thanks to Digital Hitmann!


Beta Details

Q. What is available in the beta?
A. The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta will feature multiplayer action with all 12 units and 6 classes available. Full weapon unlocks will be available for the Assaulter class.
Q. When is the beta?
A. The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta will be available starting October 5th on the Xbox 360. The beta should be available worldwide in the Xbox Live Marketplace by 9:00 AM PST.
Q. When will the beta end?
A. The Medal of Honor Warfighter beta ends at 12:01 AM PST on October 15th.
Q. What localized versions of the game are being offered?
A. The beta will be available in English, German, and French.
Q. Will progression and stats from beta carry over into the live game?
A. No, all progression in the beta will be reset before launch.
Q. On what platforms will the beta be available?
A. The beta will be available only on the Xbox 360.

Systems Operation and Settings:

Q. How do I create or join a party?
A. From the main menu, press the back button and select “Open Party”. Select the empty slot next to your name and press A then select “Invite Friend”. This will bring up your friends list in which you will select who you wish to invite and then press A twice more and youre done!
Q. Me and my Fireteam buddy keep getting separated and put on opposite teams, why?
A. Did you remember to lock your positions? Head to the main menu and press the back button bringing up the party menu. From the party menu select “Lock My Slot” at the bottom. This will lock your slot, remember to tell your Fireteam buddy to lock his as well. Once your slots are locked you should be with your Fireteam buddy at all times, even during server balance!
Q. I play left handed or reversed, how can I change my controller settings?
A. From the main menu, select the “Options” tab. From here you want to head down to the Controller settings. Select “Controller Setup” and press A. From there select the “Southpaw” configuration and press A.
Q. I play inverted, how can I change my controller settings?
A. From the main menu, select the “Options” tab. From here you want to head down to the “Controller” settings. Next use the D-pad to select “Vertical Look” and press A once. Press B twice and youre all set to go!
Q. I’m a colorblind Soldier, is there a colorblind setting?
A. Of course there is! Head over to the “Options” tab from the main menu and head down to the Video settings. From here select “HUD Color Blind Mode” and press A to enable it. Press B twice and youre all set to go!
Q. I’m having a slight problem getting on-target, is there aim assist?
A. There sure is. It is enabled by default, but if you some how disabled it by accident heres how to toggle it back on: Head to the “Options” tab from the main menu and select “Game” settings. From here select “Aim Assist” and press A to re-enable it (if disabled). Press B twice and youre all set to go!
Q. My friend just pulled a wicked kill streak last game, is there anything I can do to show that I liked it?
A. Absolutely! Press the back button in the main menu to open up the Battlelog social hub. From here use the analog stick or D-pad to select “Battle Feed”. Find the action in which you wish to Salute and press A. Press A again with Salute selected and youre all set! Remember to check more after action reports on
Q. How do I use my Warfighter Tokens?
A. Head over to and log in. Select the “Nations” tab at the top and select which country you will represent. Spend your tokens accordingly. Youre all set Soldier!
Q. What do Warfighter Tokens do?
A. If you apply tokens every day you will gain an XP Multiplier, make sure to visit every day and apply your tokens to continue getting the extra bounty!

Soldier Operation and Settings:

Q. I dont know how to change my nationality, how can I switch to a different nationality?
A. From the “My Soldier” screen select “Change Unit / Nationality” with the analog stick or the D-pad.and press A. From here select the flag of the nationality you wish to represent (pending you have it unlocked). Press A and then press A again to “Confirm Unit Selection”.
Q. I am an American Soldier, and I only wish to play as American. Is there an easy way to apply my nationality to all classes?
A. Absolutely! From the “My Soldier” screen select “Change Unit / Nationality” with the analog stick or the D-pad and press A. From here select the flag of the nationality you wish to represent (in this case American). Press A and then select “Apply to All” and press A again. Youre all set to go Soldier!
Q. I just unlocked a new gun and I wish to try it out. How do I switch weapons?
A. From the “My Soldier” screen select “Change Weapon” (Shortcut “My Gun”). This will bring up your currently selected weapon. By using the D-pad or analog stick select “Change Weapon” and press A. This will bring up all of the weapons you currently have unlocked. Select with the analog stick or D-pad again to the gun in which you wish to select and press A. You should see a visual confirmation of the newly selected weapon swapping out. Remember to change your optics and other settings before you head out into the fray!
Q. I just got an Offense or Defensive Support Action! How do I use it?
A. Nice! Determine which you would like to use and use the left or right buttons on the D-pad accordingly. Some Offensive Support Actions require you to laze the target. Aim your target designator and press the fire button. Get to cover Soldier! Ordinance is coming down in 5!
Q. Why does my character keep sliding forward when I am prone?
A. This is a new system to prevent collision between the player and environment. No more shooting players feet through walls!
Q. Im pretty high ranked, but I dont seem to be getting any unlocks. Why?
A. During the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Open Beta, only the Assaulter class has full unlocks. The other classes are set to their defaults.

Class Operation and Settings:

Q. I dont understand the differences between the different Classes. Can you explain them to me?
A. Sure can! Below I will short list all of the Classes as well as their special abilities:

-Spec Ops: The Spec-Ops class is the eyes and ears of the battlefield. His silent footsteps and faster run speeds allows him to get the drop on the enemy quickly and effectively. His special ability Signal Scan allows him to briefly see enemy targets across the entire battlefield to coordinate an attack.

-Pointman: The Pointman class is the first man through the door. Armed with an assault rifle and a secondary shotgun he is prefect for breach and clear in many situations. His special ability is a clip of Heavy Hitter ammo which deals extra damage at the cost of additional recoil. Remember to fire in controlled bursts, Soldier!

-Demoltions (EOD): The Demolitions class is in charge of arming and disarming objectives. He can do this faster than any other class on the battlefield. His ability, Tank Stance, lets him absorb an extra amount of damage at the cost of run speed. Be careful and watch your back!

-Heavy Gunner: The Heavy Gunner class is in charge of laying down suppressive fire with his heavy machine gun. Using his bipod or Support Stance while prone he fire with increased accuracy at the cost of maneuverability and field of view.

-Sniper: The Sniper class is the intelligence Operator on the battlefield. Equipped with a variety of long range sniper rifles and a G18 for CQC he can take down targets at both extreme distances as well as short range. Using his bipod while prone he can spot enemies for his team at the cost of maneuverability and field of view.

-Assaulter: The Assaulter class is the meat of the operation. They are the core soldier in any Tier 1 unit. Equipped with an assault rifle they can take down enemies and clear buildings quickly and effectively. Armed with a 40MM grenade launcher as his class ability, he can bring the hurt on enemy emplacements.

Q. This guy, Just. Wont. Die!
A. Are you sure he isnt the Demolitions (EOD) class? Demolitions (EOD) can use his Tank Stance ability to absorb extra damage. Try switching to Pointman and using his Heavy Hitters class ability to counter it!

Q. The game menu is incredibly hard to navigate.
A.  We are listening to your feedback and we are streamlining both the in-game and front end menu navigation based on this. We are also decluttering the front-end and simplifying where and how we present menu options.

Q. Please fix spawning. I keep getting spawned close to an enemy.
A.  We have fine-tuned the spawn process and it will be deployed in a future fix.

Q. The red outline around enemies is far too long that it seems unfair.
A.  The duration of the red avenger outline will be reduced in a future fix. The red outline is not present in the Real Ops playlist.

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This isn't really related to the beta, but I can't figure out how to create a platoon????? Please help!!!!
4th cuz no one cares
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front page yo
You guys beat me to re-editing it with the Beta Details portion. Thats what I get for taking a lunch break. =)
first page
first page
Thanks very much! Answered mine.
Demoman is credit to team! :D
o yea im 34 lev in beta im very pro
Why you did not relased a MoH Beta for PS3 and PC?
21st but it gay how ill lose everything i have got
You need to have a soldier with Medal of Honor to be able to create a platoon, Nachooo.
You snooze, you lose, Hitmann! ;)
I'm lvl 20 in beta. I like the game, it feels like cod with frostbite. But I wont preorder your game. I need to see what else you have to offer. Also I hope you will look into hit detection and spawning. It feels kinda random, I can get kill cross map with fullauto, but I can not get hipfire kill from 5m. (I mainly use mp7) Also I keep spawning front of enemies and its very irritating when I can not spawn to by buddy because he is near enemies, even though they cant see him. Those are my main two problems with beta. Q1: How often you are going to patch the game? Q2: Any info about possible DLC/Premium?
still no PC
Also your link ( ) is not working. Real link here:
How do u unlock attatchments as assaulter
need spawn protection
i dont like the auto-spawning
besenda etsha boon asedda

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