New Server Update for Beta

seeson 4 years ago 216 comments

*** UPDATE *** 2:00PM PDT
All servers have been updated with the new spawn improvements and we’re happily waiting to hear your feedback. Please report in the comments below. Thanks!

Thank you all for your continuous feedback! We’re in the home stretch of our multiplayer beta and have learned a ton so far. The team at Danger Close is constantly reading over community reports and comments from the Battlelog forums, and consistently watching over in-game telemetry. Apart from this feedback helping us fine-tune the main game, we’re also making changes throughout the beta itself. Our latest server update that just rolled out focuses on matchmaking and spawning issues.


  • Fallback Spawn - We’ve received a ton of feedback on our spawn mechanic! It was clear that the initial system occasionally placed players too close to harm’s way. This new update changes where you spawn in vs. the proximity of enemy players when using fallback spawn. We are also investigating Fireteam spawns for the final game.
  • Weapon Tuning - We’ve listened to your feedback regarding weapons and have tweaked them accordingly.
  • Player Dropout – We’ve addressed some issues regarding player connectivity and should have a more stable connection to game servers.

Results looked great during internal testing, so please leave any and all feedback here on the Battlelog forums.

There were numerous reports about “invisible weapons” and “invisible characters” showing up. The team has verified that this is a beta-specific unlocks issue and has confirmed that this is not an issue in the final version of the game.

Keep the feedback coming and remember that there’s just 3 days left to rock the beta! See you online.

Comments (216)

Thanks! goodjob listening to the community
define guns have been tweaked ?
fix fireteam problems fark
No graphical improvements!
I'm glad they're patching up the spawn issue.
No details on weapon balance?
Good, Clean it up and Show these Kids what a "Team Objective" Based Game is about. im Boycotting BO2 so ill be on MoH:WF alot more, but if im gonna be on it, then i better see alot more of this Fixing cuz im over these Games that Companies make it and then abandon like a "Red-Headed Step Child" lol im jk on that part ANYONE LOOKING FOR A CLAN? CHECK OUT AimingDeficitDisorder on the Platoon Search! we are on BF3 AND MoH:WF! come join our adD Filled Family! * SORRY for the Sales Pitch i just wanna get this clan Going lol
Weapon Tuning why
Nice! Glad you guys support your product and the community!
the graphics should get improved
So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. I have one request though. At the moment, one sniper bullet to the head of a demolitions class with the increased health class specialization gets a 100 kill assist. I think it should one shot and not get them to <0.49% health.
the spawns were a major problem and some people were using that to their advantage. many players stopped playing 2010 because of the spawns, so that's good you guys are trying to fix it.
They won't tell you what they changed so they et honest feedback from the community. Makes sense really... They should be able to look at the forums now and see it light up With the new mention of the tweaks.
developers stated that 1.the graphics were trimmed down for the beta. 2.this is obviously an earlier build possibly the alpha version 3.there may be an HD texture pack coming with the game... have you ever played a beta where the graphics were identical to retail?
Wouldn't mind, if there is a way that I haven't found, a way to change fireteams during the game as to not get stuck on your own with other in the same predicament.
Are you patching the map barriers? I got killed numerous of times from fire coming from outside of the map ( the left hand side forest from the large compund).
Thx :D!
does anyone know how to use the tokens I have over 150tokens and cant use them at all. ppl tell me to go to battle log and then nations and it will come up but nothing. plz telle how to use them
nice game i love it
fuck xbox
Does the beta have HD textures with it or can we expect a better looking game on launch day?

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