Server Update: Oct. 27

seeson 11 years ago

Thanks for all your comments! While we weren’t able to solve for it in this update, the team is aware of the PS3 VOIP issues and is continuing to investigate.

Hey everyone! We released a new server update today across all platforms to alleviate some minor gameplay issues; this update should now be rolled out across all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 servers. Note that PC server updates are still rolling out. If your server has not been updated yet, please contact your RSPs (Ranked Server Provider).

  • Addressed spawning issues on Multiplayer maps where the user was spawning incorrectly and occasionally falling through the ground
  • Player should no longer see stat discrepancies for Double XP
  • Balanced Matchmaking so teams are now more even in numbers from the start of the match
  • Fixed the Blackhawk gunner exit bug

Please report any and all bugs in the forum. Thanks for your patience and support!

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