Military Edition Extra for Veteran’s Day

seeson 8 years ago

In honor of active, reserve, retired and former military personnel, Electronic Arts and Gov X are pleased to offer a privileged Medal of Honor Warfighter – Military Edition unlock code* at no charge for a limited time to servicemen and women who have purchased the Medal of Honor Warfighter video game.

The exclusive Military Edition unlock code uniquely recognizes military players by displaying the Project HONOR Eagle icon above them as well as allowing them to access a special Project HONOR camouflage pattern weapon skin. This identifies verified U.S. Military players from their non-military peers – a privileged distinction that appropriately is made broadly available at no charge to all military Medal of Honor Warfighter game owners during this extended Veteran’s Day weekend, from Friday, Nov. 9 through Tuesday, Nov. 13 while supplies last. Visit for details.

*Offer only valid in the United States

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