Platoon Matchmaking

seeson 4 years ago

Before you can play in a Platoon Match, you must be a member of a platoon with at least 6 active members who are able to join a party and match make at the same time.

To put together your team in a platoon match, you must do the following:

1.) In Multiplayer, open the Battlelog Social Hub.

2.) Once in the Battlelog Social Hub, choose to Open Party.

3.) Now you are in the Party Lobby, you must first change party access to Platoon Only.  Then you can send a mass invite to all members of your platoon by choosing to Invite Platoon Members. You need a minimum of 4 platoon members to start a Platoon Match.

4.) Once you have at least 4 members in the party, the option to Start Platoon Matchmaking* will appear. This will start matchmaking and eventually join you into a Platoon server. Platoon matchmaking only runs the Homerun game mode.*PC server owners, please ensure that your server has been configured for the Platoon Playlist before starting Platoon Matchmaking.

Scrim 4v4 or 6v6 anyone? Think your platoon has what it takes to go against the creators of the game? We’ll be setting up a Platoon Match playdate soon where you can take on the devs from Danger Close. By the way, which platoon is the best out there? Let us know in the comments below!

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