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"More than just accuracy."
A Battlefield clan since 2007.
Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2, and now Battlefield 3.

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**This Platoon is only open to members of pRc. See enlistment information on our website if you wish to join.**


- Jets and choppers are fair not game until they've left the ground. The second you lift up, you're a fair target. See a jet circling the uncap? Then wait til he passes and don't leave the ground yet. Try to get in the AA and take him out first. The second you're killed while still being on the ground, is a violation of the rule. Until then, nothing is broken.

- Everything in the uncap is fair game if its attacking you. The second you start firing in the uncap, sniping for example, you've now become a fair target. Don't admin kill/kick someone if you were attacking them from the uncap. The uncap is NOT a safe haven to attack from.

- If its not attacking you, hasn't left the ground, and is still in the uncap then it is PROTECTED.

- If the opposing team has you all capped out, then its really hard and kind of ridiculous to enforce this rule with an iron fist. Admins at this point should recognize the situation at hand. Don't promote uncap rape at this point, but don't go on a kicking spree for anyone who attacks the uncap. A better idea at this point is to just issue verbal warnings. They have every right to prevent you from leaving the uncap, and sometimes the line is going to be really hard to draw. Besides, the game is or should be over at this point anyways.

- On a map like Sharqi where you have 2 choppers facing each other before the round begins, every one knows there's an immediate head to head battle. It's ridiculous to expect that the Viper is going to ignore the Havok and let it have the first shot. This is a time when the Uncap rule doesn't really apply, its how the map was designed.

- Attacking uncap allowed if all bases are controlled


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