Atomic Defence Corps
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Platoon for members of the Atomic: Maximum Power Computing forum. Contains many seasoned Battlefield
veterans as well as casual players. 100% zero tolerance against any form of hacking.

ACDC was originally established back in the days of the BF1942 Mod 'Desert Combat'. The ACDC stood for Atomic Clan-Desert Combat.

The four most basic and essential criteria to wear the [ACDC] tags are:

1. Be a registered current member of the Atomic Forums and then post in this thread with your Battlefield name and that you want to join:
2. Apply to this platoon:!/bf3/platoon/2832655240999108777/edit/
3. Don't be a dickhead when wearing the tags (you will be removed from the roll call). NO HACKING.
4. Say nice things about Atomic MPC magazine and forum when you can.

Have fun!
Please take the time to check out this great article by David Hollingworth, Editor of ATOMIC magazine on Homophobia in gaming:,u-r-so-gay-homophobia-in-gaming-and-why-it-hurts.aspx

ACDC is here for all players - lets do our bit to remove homophobia and racisim from the game. Re think your use of the word 'fag' and 'gay'. Thanks.


We NOW have a VENTRILLO server for ACDC members supplied by Corkdawg.

The public channel is now OPEN! Anyone can join it but members who have given have reserved slots!

Vent Details: IP:
Port: 21740

Contact Corkdawg via battlelog or PM on ATOMICMPC (user name Corky) so that you can get a password and get set up.
(password not needed if you use public channel)


Weekly Scrim:
Starts between 7pm & 8pm Saturday nights and runs until no one is playing anymore.
Server varies between Public and LD's server - just follow the crowd!
AND JOIN VENT >_< (even if you don't have a mic!)


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