RavenWood Company
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Boat's playgroud^
khalesiiii's playground v
Ravenwood Company [Rw]< please wear this in Rw servers or risk a kick.
Founded by: Boatengj98
Year: 2000
Current active members: 27
Allies: T1O,DEAD,

About us:
Ravenwood is the 3rd platoon registered on Battle log so it has a long history, but before that it was a multi-platform clan with multiple branches in MMOs. To Keep management easy, we dropped the size from 700 to 1(Me) and started all over again :). With all of our forums closed and videos removed, starting all over in a new game two years later makes it twice as fun. If you’re interested in starting a branch in another game, send Boatengj98 a message

***** Rw Servers**** please note: these servers are subject to change
[Rw] Air Superiority >>No Heat Seekers<< (AS)
[Rw] No motorbike C4 Capture the flag (CTF)
[Rw] Khaleesiiiii (Noshahr Canals) TDM
[Rw] Ziba 24/7 DOM
[Rw] Boatengj98 Ziba (DOM)
[Rw] Ziba (DOM)
[Rw] Close Quarters

Recruitment: (Actively Recruiting-please indicate which team you are interested in)
1. Requirements
a. Skype or working headset
b. Soprano voice tone (no squeakers)
c. Internet connection to watch training tutorials
d. Ability to listen and follow orders
e. Guided missiles for anything and everything
f. Proximity scan for chopper gunner seat, and tank
g. Specialization is a plus (i.e. c4 tanker, de-fibber, xbowers, carpet-bombers, etc.)

We take our Squad Rush seriously, but our Conquest is a relaxed environment where winning just so happens to just happen. Filled with universal soldiers that can not only fly jets but run infantry effectively and quickly. We Provide private training videos with our own commentary to help you get better and improve your BF3 Game-play



[Rw]Alpha: (Currently recruiting) Team Alpha are the players who would most likely be the first out there with Tanks, Jeeps or IFVs. They are the most aggressive force.

-extendedbody/(d)- CandyMan
[Rw]Bravo: (Currently recruiting) Team Bravo is the team dedicated to air support and transport. They are more focused on taking out enemy jets and choppers so Alpha can do their work

-Learn A Lot
-Gustav III
[Rw]Charlie: (Currently recruiting) Team Charlie is armored support
-ad197 Tank Driver
- boatengj98 - second seat / driver
- extendenbody - second seat / driver
- sinister0nic - driver /second seat
- Slow pos wagon - second seat
- Dirtyb - second seat
- Bigjohnson - driver
-RELIK2011 - second seat


- relik2011
[Rw]Echo: (Currently recruiting) Our Dedicated Snipers belong here

-Learn some

[Rw] Foxtrot: Our Dedicated Knifers,they may have a lower k/d then you but i guarantee they won't get stabbed without a fight and are not afraid of hunters.
-HipMy Rhythm
Bored? Try to do these things with another clan member present to vouch for you.

1. Fly a chopper through the tunnels of Damavand Peak
2. Steal Boatengj98's Dogtag
3. Compliment Boatengj98 on his Knifing Skills.
4. In a Game, achieve 30 kills in a tank by running Canister Shells.
5. Save a Clan mate from getting their dog tag taken.
6. Take an ex Clan Member's dog tag
7. Hold down the ticket booth without a soul slipping by
8. Beat Boatengj98 to the ticket booth from the US Deployment
9. Hop into sinister0nic Candy-van.
10. 50 Service Stars with any weapon
11. Reach 31 service Stars with a Knife
12. lets top it all off, final achievement kill any person 1 time each in a row in any order Handgun, Rifle, RPG/Defib, Knife, and Crossbow. (must be in one round of a game with out death.) GOOD LUCK$