Death From Above
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A platoon for the top ranked XBOX 360 jet pilots in the world.

Exclusive to the top 15 on the jet leaderboard.

If you drop out of the top 15 you will not be kicked.

We will be discussing jet related topics and posting videos.




Original founder and leader of Death From Above. Long standing active member of the battlelog community and
well known Rush pilot. Achieved and maintained #3 in the world for several weeks. Loved by many, hated by many more, Triplepin brought raw hell, fury, and death from above to thousands of poor bastards time and time again. Never was there so fearsome a rush pilot that accomplished so many fiendish shenanigans with his crew, the Mub and Co and the BEAUTIFUL VIKINGS. His heart forever devoted to Lips xoxo (scspencer), he flew with a
passion few dare to fly with. Someday, we hope, he will fly back to us.


Current platoon leader: Jaxxis (Gamertag: Poby)


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