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Welcome friends and regulars of The Good, Bad, & Ugly Clan -{GBU}-

NOTE members of this platoon are NOT members of The Good, Bad, & Ugly Clan and -{GBU}- is not responsible for their conduct. That stated, those that choose to play by the GBU Code of Conduct and represent themselves as GBU members do, may get invited to be an official GBU recruit.

Members of this Platoon are permitted to wear the regular clan tag of GBUz. Members will also get invites to clan events, such as our weekly Clan Gaming Nights, as well as any other special events we may hold in the future.

Regz are invited to join us on TS @; No password at this time. Please be sure you use TS etiquette to ensure you are not booted from the server. If you are unsure of proper etiquette, look here:

Recruitment into the official GBU clan is currently open to MATURE players, more information can be found here:

End Game maps are up and running with all modes depending on server size. As well as the all popular map voting. We are often imitated, but never duplicated. Come play on the one and only GBU Clan server!!

Follow us on Twitter @GBUclan


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