Tag: [TTP] Fans: 8 Erstellt: 12.11.2012


Are you a good team player? And do everything for the win of your team? Regardless of your K/D Ratio, you would rather die than let die your teammate? Than this is the platoon for you.

Because this should be a platoon for advanced teamplayers, the following minimum requirements for joinining:

>= 1.5 Win / Lose Ratio

>= 250 Ace Squad Ribbons

>= 500 Score Per Minute

<= 20% Quits

Players who actually not achieved these requirements, but we know that they are exceptional good team players, can also join the platoon.

Players who switching to the winning team, are not(!) welcome.

Since 8th November Platoon Emblens can't anymore be uploaded to the Battlelog.


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