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___________________________________USSR COMMUNITY__________________________________

*NOTE: This platoon has sent out invitations at random to over 60 people at random. We are expecting mass influx so we might be able to fill up the now seemingly empty servers of BF3 :)

Server Search: USSR SS / Soviet Soldiers

Servers Owned by TheBestCronic / SonicTheSoviet, join it, pub it, do whatever you want to do in it.

The USSR community is the open community / casual part of the USSR clanbase. This platoon is here as a symbol - Everyone and anyone, no matter your skill, get together and play a legendary game like BF3 like it was ment to be - drama free and times with friends. We're here to serve one purpose - Simply have fun and meet new people.

☭ Pub organizers!
PredatorLeader (Original USSR Co-Founder, Retired competitive, Pub organizer)
TheBestCronic (USSR Veteran and Server Sponsor)
Zameroth (Pub organize)
SOT_Othman (SOT's Founder)
Dandroid_of_LA (USSR Spokesperson / Pub organizer)
Razor-Blade8 (Pub organizer)

Add these guys to organize pubs just for fun or practice.

Requirements for this platoon-
N/a join in and have fun.


A big thank you to the contributors!

Feel free to ask questions to any of the leaders and add them to your PSN friends lists. Online most times and always down to have a kick ass time, soviet style!

Find new friends in this platoon and spread about, we're inviting anyone and everyone to join in!


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