Könige in Bf3
Tag: [King] Fans: 6 Erstellt: 05.06.2013


This squad is home of the best Bf3 allround players (look at rank site of Bf3stats.com):

In case you played nearly all weapons, classes, gadgets, vehicles, modes and styles intensively, aggressive and successful you are a real player and allowed to join this platoon.

Noobs, cowards, cheaters and players who only PROOFED being able to kill something by specializing on a specific (op) thing/situation stay outside!
-obvious example: people who specialized (15-60% of play time-XD ) on the most untouchable unit in the game...jets -

Other stats optimizing behaviours are also not appreciated (examples: notorious quitting, win-team-joining, pistol-upleveling on pistol server only, sharqi conquest assault russian-team only players...)

You think you belong in here? ...Just ask !...But be aware... i know reading/ interpretating stats-sites quite good ;-)


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