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[psdl] (small letters) Boot Camp is the first step for new Members who want to join our main platoon, they must prove that they want to be truly part of our clan the PSDL. New recruits will be placed on a 2 WEEK TRIAL in which in this time they will be assessed by our leaders. If we feel you are showing no interest in our clan you will be REMOVED!! if you show us you are active on here and play with other members and make it through the trial period, then u will be INVITED TO JOIN our gaming community platoon PSDL. Also this way you can get to know everyone before applying for main platoon as we may not be for you. You may be promoted sooner if a clan leader feels your ready to join us which will be put forward to the rest of the leaders.

you must Have/Be.....

18 years old or over.
• Have a mic.
• Be an active member of the platoon.
• Be active on Battlelog.
• Must be a TEAM player.
• Wear the psdl tags.
• Be respectful to other platoon members.
• Speak the English language
• Be able to game

Platoon Rules

(1)... No Jet Ramming

(2)... No bass raping until their team is less than 60%

(3)... Helicopter is on a first come first service/NO KICKING and changing sides.

(4)...When Helicopter is in the air, it is a all out war so Air craft can take you out.

(5)... IF player is to be banned from server you must report the details to ADMIN of the player and the legitimate reason for the ban through Facebook.

(6)... You must not be an Administrator of any Clan (we will not put up with our players being poached!)

These rules apply to every Member of PDSL and admin, so please play fairly and have great fun.

PompeyTrucker is the main Administrator for [psdl] boot camp but all Admins have a final say.

PSDL where the fun has its own FUN!!!


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