One Nation
Tag: [AuNz] Fans: 8 Erstellt: 28.10.2011


We are a well known Call Of Duty clan and is now moving onto Battlefield, we are already making a stand and growing out reputation. We always play to win and so far this is the case based on our members win/loss ratio.

We are currently recruiting new members for the clan/platoon so we can expand out even more, if you think you have what it takes to apply for the clan please send a message to dippa1 (psn) to have a trial

- You must play the objective and use the Classes to the full extent.

- Never quit a game on your squad members or team.

-Must have a mic to communicate and help the squad.

- Must have a friendly and positive attitude towards your squad members.

-No racial abuse towards Australians or NZL players because it defeats the purpose of the clan.

-We dont care for KD we want the win!!!!


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