British Armed Forces
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This platoon is for any and all to show their support to the men and women of the British Armed Forces.

Try using the weapons our soldiers use in BF3:
L85A2 = Standard Assault Rifle
L86A2 = Squad Marksman Rifle
GPMG (M240B ingame) = Machine Gun
Minimi (M249 ingame) = Light Machine Gun
Benelli L128A1 (M1014 ingame) = Combat Shotgun

HK MP7 = Military Police Weapon
HK G53 = Special Forces Carbine
HK 417 = Special Forces Marksmen Rifle
C8 (M4A1 ingame) = Special Forces Carbine

AUG = Falklands Defence Force Rifle
P90 = Falklands Defence Force Weapon


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