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Welcome to the AYE Clan.
To any non members viewing we are a relaxed platoon about having fun so if you want to apply please feel free to do so. Hit us up anytime for competitive matches, friendly* scrims*
Recruitment Status: Active
The AYE Clan was founded to provide a place where friends can get together and enjoy playing online games as a tight-knit group. Our number one squad rule is loyalty to AYE Clan members. We always play together and always support one another. We do not tolerate cheating of any kind and believe in honor. We understand you have a life outside of games, so we are not like all the other clans with the mandatory meetings/practices/scrimmages , minimum ranks or skills, and what-have-you. We firmly believe that games should be fun, not work. We do not require you to play every day, come hang out with us. We only request are members to be respectful, mature and work as a team. When you have a group of guys that work as a team and support one another.. you can dominate a server full of lone wolves.

We started as a group of friends who wanted to play Joint Operations together all the time. We currently have over 20 active members.

Once in game, we consider ourselves all equal in rank. We are on nightly. . We are mostly above 30 yrs old, with a few younger yet mature ones, and a few over 40 reggie oopps lol.

After joining the AYE Clan please add at least the leaders to your friends list on Battlelog and PSN so that you can immediately start getting experience with us.

AYE CLAN Leaders: Allan8482, mikaelpersson, badbaz5555, Anonymous_Jon84, colinblucky, --------------------------------------------------------------------
What is expected of members
- Treat everybody with the same respect you want yourself.

- Always try to get as many AYE Clan members on one team.

- When doing battle with The AYE Clan always use the clan tag [AYE].

- Mic´s are required!

- Everybody has to be active in recruiting new members with the same thinking ideology has the clan

-Always accept friends and invites with special referral of The AYE Clan on it.

- Always Welcome new Member's of the AYE Clan.

- All leaders must be devoted to The AYE Clan.
join FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/258567804253981/#!/groups/258567804253981
Infantry Division
-xi_reggie_ix- badbaz5555- windalicka1234- Anonymous_Jon84- mgosaj- MaheshIzKeng-chrishamo- gauntlett1976

Air Division
-Spaz99- Pilot- Wire33- Gunner
-Jet-Rogue2251- barmy_bryant

Armour Division
-GR3G-R33V35 -phoenix_7t2 -walloper84 -iChrisw -davrum -me2009maxima
Scrims. Wins: 3 Losses: 1

26-08-2012 AYE V PISTONHEADS 12 v 12 4-0 WON

16-09-2012 AYE V PISTONHEADS 12 v 12 3-1 WON

30/9/2012 AYE V APEX 12 v12 0-4 LOST

12/10/2012 AYE V COBRA 8v8 6 -0 WON


  • mgosaj hat an die Pinnwand von AYE geschrieben:
    If anyone from this clan ever does somehow revisit this page, I want to thank you for giving me one of the best experiences playing BF3. I missed the laughs and the banter, and Reggie reminding me how young I am. It’s been 7 years a lot has changed, hope everyone is keeping in good health. I miss this game and I miss this clan. Haven’t really been able to move on to the newest games tbh. Anyways if anyone does read this message and wants to have a catch up message me on Instagram @sajedyasin Take care of yourselves. Mgosaj (aka MG)