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Vanguard is a clan devoted to doing the best at whatever means possible. We will work together to destroy the other teams/platoons. We will fight to the very last man to change the outcome of a match. We will be the best clan possible. Though our numbers are small, we will still show that we are a true army of great men and women. We will trun the tide if the war and change the hunters into the hunted. We dont care about K/D ratios. Its all about skill, and tactics. We know how to play the objective. We will troll the trollers. Avenge or fallen. Defeat the enemy. Win the objective. Beat the gamers. Dont take no for an answer. Only with one acception, you must be part of one clan only and that is Vanguard or you will be dropped as we are brothers for life. Join Vanguard and we will play with honor, pride and the joy of kicking ass. Feel free to invite your friends and family, we accept anyone. From pro to noobs, we will all train each other, and become the best clan out there. Hooah!


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