Cheaty Bullets
Tag: [CB] Fans: 21 Erstellt: 02.05.2012


No Hacks, No Aim bots, No Magic just Cheaty Bullets!

We use our superior skills to create the illusion of "super haxors" thus creating the incurable condition of "mad".

Want to join our ensemble of not too shabby players? Mic up and come play with us we are always looking for new active members.

- Requirements -
1. Have a microphone
2. Kill Major in the AA.... GL

About our Platoon:

We are mostly comprised of excellent Pilots, Gunners and Armored drivers. Our goal is to maintain superiority in both the air and ground to win the game in a dominate manner.

If you play to win and want to have fun doing so feel free to join our game and let us know you are interested.


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