RG Armor Division
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**Note: You will not be admitted until you register with the website. Website Participation is a MUST**

Red Guard Minimum BF3 Requirements:

** MBT: All unlocks and at least one service star
** LAV: All unlocks and at least one service star
** Mic

Welcome to the Red Guard Armor Division recruitment page. The Red Guard Armor Division is seeking dedicated men and women to fight together as a unit against all who oppose us. We strive to be a vibrant community and a cohesive collective of individuals. We are a dedicated band of comrades working together for mutual benefit. We try to play most nights and weekends, but are not really committed to a strict schedule of play.

Red Guard Armor Division prides itself on skill, teamwork, and loyalty. We know skill when we see it, and we know how to improve a single individual's abilities. We are a militarily organized clan with ranks and a strict code of honor.

The four things we look for are:

1) Teamwork; Can a player actually work with his comrades to accomplish and objective without becoming to individualistic?
2) Skill; Can a player hold his own on the battlefield and uphold the clan's reputation?
3) Discipline; Can a player accept a military structure within a clan and follow orders to maximize their dedication and loyalty to the clan leaders?

4) ability to control their vehicles well and the ability to help out your fellow brothers in armor

If you are interested in joining the Red Guard, you must first register with the website below:



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