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------------------------------------------------------------------------[ Extortion ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

-This platoon is for people that play to win and achieve this through a combination of individual skill, experience and dedication to their squad.

Our main gametype is Core Conquest 100% tix, but we play whatever we feel like or are in the mood for.


We are a fairly new clan of people who play to win and look good while doing it. We need role specific players who can bring something to the table.

Requirements. (we make exceptions)

spm 600 +
k/d 2.0 +


Expected of each member:

-Communication, own a mic and know how to use it, Always talk with your teammates letting them know what your next move is. Ragebursts are allowed as long as you keep your shit together and your focus in the game.

-Skills, be a good player, able to protect flanks on your own if need be, spot everything not friendly and know how to play your class and most vehicles to the fullest.

-Teamwork, look out for your bros on the field and do your best to assist them.

- Dont invite friends with down syndrome/ squirrels into the party. (Preferably)

- Be active, nobody likes to play with themself... cept that nigguh cheef


We will run different sets of our Extortion Tag in attempt of confusing our enemies into a false sense of hope so they won't either leave the servers we play on or mass kick us off of them.

Examples: ExT - OrT - IoN (Caps can be personal preference)
Or whatever f*cking tag you want, fixed tags aren't required, playing together is.