2v2 SQR Ladder
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This is a 2v2 squad rush ladder. We will keep these games fair and clean so that everyone may enjoy and learn at the same time. Members can pair up outside of their platoon as long as the team leader allows.You may use any player on the roster from any team for a sub-in as long as all parties agree. Your name on the roster and team will be your gamertag not your battlelog name. Please allow no more then 8 members to each team. I will remove a player from any team if your team is over the cap. Each leader from each team will be assigned leader. Please do not abuse this right or you and your team will be kicked from the ladder. If you are the only person joining from your team then you will also be assigned leader. Please fallow all rules to this ladder posted below. All abusers will be suspended or kicked. If your teammate is suspended you may then sub-in if you have a challenge coming up. But you may not challenge or accept challenges when your teammate is suspended. This does not affect the whole team. If you are suspended during a game, your team forfeits the game and you go on suspension. Please keep ALL conversations concerning this ladder on this feed so everyone can see. Please do not use the engineer kit. You are not helping your teammate in any way using that kit in this game mode. This is not serious this is for practice and fun.

Note that if you are not on the Roster, then you may not challenge anyone. You must pick your teammate and post on the feed. Then you will be added to the Roster. Here is how the challenges work. You will challenge each team on the feed below. The challenged team will accept on the comment tab on the feed posted by the challengers. Each match will consist of 3 maps. The best out of 3. The challenger picks out 2 maps while the challenged pick one. You must post the maps selected on the challenge post. The results from that match will be posted on that feed as well.

-Adults +18

-No trash talking
-No Morter
-No C4
-No Engineer Kits


-Tonman & Backpack 0-0
-NoPants & Zaire 0-0
-Expert & Badger 0-0
-Panda & Eric 0-0
-Bumpy & Soul 0-0

-Band of Fallen Angels [BoFA]-

-Team AllY [AllY]-

-Hollow Point Solution [HPS]-

-Dragon Reavers [DRGN]-

--Team T1ER [T1ER]--

--G00N Squ4D--



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