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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |██████████████████████████████ [ Welcome ] ██████████████████████████████|
Ambition™ are a 'semi serious' TEAM with a focus on tactics, communication and fun. We are a group of highly skilled causal and competitive members in which our goals are to make friends, develop strategies and participate in competitive matches.

The minimum requirements for applying:

1. Must be a TEAM PLAYER
2. KDR of 1.7 (slight exceptions can be made)
3. SPM of 550
4. 15 SS in your vehicle
5. A working headset
6. Loyalty
7. EU based (Or be able to play in EU times)
8. Be active (Check our website and battlelog every other day at least)

*Some exceptions can be made after you have a trial*

If you do not meet the requirements for the competitive clan or you don't feel like you have the time and commitment for competitive play then you can join the community page. The link is down below in the useful links section.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |████████████████████████████ [ Our Philosiphy ] ████████████████████████████|
We are held together by a simple philosophy:

1) Teamwork - This is a competitive-minded gaming clan. Teamwork is and will continue to be the backbone of what makes our operations successful. Members need to be TEAMWORK MINDED, in the sense that the overall success of their team is more important to them than their individual success.

2) Communication - Communication is a key aspect of teamwork. Whilst in Clan Battles members must be able to take orders from squad leaders. All members will be asked to try and learn the callouts for maps to help us to defeat our opponents. These do not apply so much for casual play in public matches.

3) Loyalty - We expect all our members to be consistent with their activity and clan loyalty. This means no clan hopping. If you want to be in two or more clans at once we will ask you to leave the clan because we only want dedicated members. We also ask for activity, if there will be a period where you know you are going to be inactive (eg. if you are going on holiday) please let a leader know.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |██████████████████████████████ [ Recruiting] ██████████████████████████████|
We are currently recruiting in these positions.
✔ = There are spaces
✖ = spaces are full

Infantry : 10/16 [ ✔]
Armour: 4/6 [ ✔]
Heli Pilots: 1/4 [ ✔]
Jet Pilots: 2/4 [ ✔]
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |██████████████████████████████ [ The Team ] ██████████████████████████████|

Squad Rush Teams
A squad

[aMb] leeisace
[aMb] sloppyjoe *
[aMb] Shahad
[aMb] Deathcam

B squad

[aMb] legendary-legion
[aMb] muzzleflahh
[aMb] spanjardo
[aMb] dwayne

C squad



We are a team that believe in quality over quantity so will be keeping numbers low and we are an invite only team. If you are interested and really think you could do well in the clan then try and contact Rattik13aMBAdmin, leeisaceBF3 or Fusion_DeathCam.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |████████████████████████████ [ Clan Matches ] ████████████████████████████|

Team Ambition™ currently play 8v8, 10v10 and maybe 12v12 Conquest. If you would like a clan match please contact Rattik13aMbAdmin, leeisaceBF3 or Fusion_DeathCam. We prefer matches to only be played on weekends

16th 8pm EU
V: Bad to the Bone
Game mode: squad rush
players: 4v4
Maps:grand bazaar/ damavand peak
Rules: ?
rounds 2
line up: leeisace

17th 8pm EU
V: Gh0sts
Game Mode: squad rush
Players: 4v4
Maps: ?
Rules: ?
Rounds: 2 per map
Line Up: leeisace

If you can play in any of these games please let ItzKojo know ASAP and he will put you down for the match.

W/D/L : 9/1/1
aMb vs IKZE (10 v 10 CQ): 0-4 LOSS

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |██████████████████████████████ [ Allies ] ██████████████████████████████|
Looking for allies to have practice matches with and just to help eachother out if needed! Add Itz_Kojo if you're interested

• [VR] Vicious Retaliation [VR]

• [Areo] Areo Gaming [Areo]

[LwR] Lone Wolf Rangers [LwR]

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |██████████████████████████████ [ Links ] ██████████████████████████████|

• Website
• Community Division
• Recruitment Threads (Please Bump Regularly)


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