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Welcome to the Battlelog Page of RevolutioN.

We were a competitive european 12v12 Platoon which participated in multiple Leagues and Tournaments during the "active" Time of BF3. Season 5 Participant Season 6 Ladder Rank 7th, when going inactive
EuropeanTeamTournament Season 4 Semi-Finalist

Around 40 Matches in 4 Months vs. RV, SF, D3s, iCon(x2), IB(x3), Ku(x2), HxE, LoB, vVv (x2), RAGE, EvL, GFM, 12nN, SoN(x2), HaVc, iS(x2), iRc(x2), KoS, MdK, LoK, GBK, JokE, PnN and more...

Our members live in:
Germany, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Iceland, Russia, Slovania, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK.