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In this ELITE Group of BaD Company only members and players that are ACTIVE enough and want to join CLAN Wars and events and taking it serious !!! Can join the ELITE group... we are preparing an ELITE group for BF3 and upcoming BF4 that are ACTIVE enough for serious CLAN Wars !!! our own server is available for training's and meetings for ELITE group.

Welcome all members to BaD Company ELITE group. just a few things we ask from you. BE ACTIVE ( if you can't for a reason just let us know that you will be not active for a while, we really understand it) play with fun and joy, and feel free to add members on psn always more fun if you play with a good group, see you in arms soldier!!!

• English speaking
• Working microphone.
• Demonstrate respect, commitment and team play.
• Cover your Squad/Teams

==LEADER squad ALPHA = (m8y-player)
==LEADER squad BRAVO = (Status-Blackk)

==When playing with more than 1 squad, only the squad leaders will put their mic on team.. That way the communication will be more direct and understandable==

IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEM ORE ISSEU ??? please contact ONLY ON BATTLELOG......(Miss_ladyD)

CLAN WAR LEADERS (m8y-player) and (abdul_king)

TRAINING'S ON WEDNESDAY by (Mr-Junky_X3) and (Status-Blackk) !!!!

++++++++CHECK YOURE TIMEZONE HERE !!!!... +++++++

BaD Company ELITE Victory Song :

ALL ELITE members are free to join other platoons and change TAG if you are playing with them !! BUT When BaD Company members fighting together in BaD Company SERVER !!! you must use the BaD tag !!!

We are COUNTING on ALL BaD Company ELITE members to ALLWAY,S join oure trainings and Clan Wars if possible on youre time ??.. We are really try to have a Clan War every week and therefore its important to train and play together....


1 = Battlefield Knights ....... {sir}



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