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|| Duis-Communicas-Consilium-Invidebit ||

- Where battle takes place Is where a soldier proves their loyalty.

Recruiting - [YES] - no
War Light - on - [OFF]

If you want to set up a scrim with us message a leader!

Team Envy is a team of friends, and competitive players who all enjoy abit of banter while dominating the battlefield. We believe that team work and excellent communication is the core to our success that will make others feel the emotion known only as Envy.

We are currently recruiting competitive players only. If your interested and well experienced in comp play, ask a leader about joining.

***Rules and req's***
> 18+ (If playing in any paid tournaments)
> Have a mic and speak english
> Respect your team mates (but banter is encouraged)
> Show respect to other teams (no badmouthing)
> Wear the team tags with pride.
> Be mindful of what you put on the forums. You represent envy and we don't want a bad name for our team.
> Be active on battlelog and check this platoon page as all upcoming scrims and events will only be posted here! [( i dont have a computer is not an excuse! you have a xbox which has internet explorer which i use to build and manage this team perfectly fine! )]
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Our recruitment thread.
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