4v4 Air Superiority
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Welcome to the 4v4 Air Superiority Ladder,

This Platoon shall provide Teams/Platoons from both the Core and Hardcore Community a place for their Pilots to play against each other and representing their Team/Platoon in 4v4 Air Superiority Matches.



AS is going to be played with Core settings - except opposing Teams agree otherwise (i.e. two Hardcore Teams want to play under HC Rules - which will suck because you can't see shit ;P)
and each Match is set to 100% tickets.

Teams will set a roster for their 4v4 team.
Players must be part of your Team/Platoon roster in order in order for them to play.
If a player is part of multiple Teams/Platoons, that player must pick one Team/Platoon to play for.
(You can only play for one team, no ringers - this inludes a secondary account)

Each team chooses 1 map
The Teams play 2 maps 2 rounds each (To make sure each Team get's to play as both Hornet and Flanker)
We play best of 4 rounds (if 'Team A' wins 3 Rounds in a row the Battle is over, since 'Team B' can't possibly win anymore)
In case of a tie (ie. 2-2), the winner will be decided by the total ticket count of all 4 rounds played.

Issue challenges by posting on the platoon page, and by sending an Xbox Live message to the members of the challenged team.

No Weapon/Loadout Restrictions (except Teams agree otherwise)

Dogfight Superiority Variant:
- 2 Squads of 4 each will all take Hornets.
- One squad will proceed to the other spawn and each squad will merge as close together as possible with one another (Keep the enemy jets always on your left side when merging).
- Once you die, you must wait for the rest of the round to be finished.
- First squad to 10 points wins?


Infamous - Infamous Said, WipeRLopx,KMlKZ CristiaN

1N - l Mentu l, Sypher P, LA Chuptrion69, JediAlchemist
ormula - King/asian/angry/die

Available to play for any team:
Typical Fear
Eagle Iz
II Nelix II
Chaoz vV
F35 Master Race

Updates Coming Soon, if there is enough interest and teams a ladder will be created on this page.


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