Chaos' Goodbye Platoon
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I honestly just want to say thank you for a amazing BF3 community, those close to me who took me in and who made me the player I am today. It was a humbling experience, this being my very first FPS game ever and first ever PC game.

I remember my very first competitive match ever, it was a 4v4 (back when it was still in) against... SaGa. Who would've guessed. Basically I got my ass kicked. I thought the players were soooo good and that I could never be on their level. But I put that aside and focused on becoming a better player.

Eagle was probably the first person in the competitive seen I looked up to, to better myself. After watching his z33k footage I just wanted to get better, I knew I had it in me but I just had to prove it to everyone.

So I joined my first competitive team (GameFace) which is where it basically all started. I had my first few scrims and I was hooked on the whole competitive aspect of this game although I joined it pretty late in the game and at the time I was rocking a GT 430 and dual core AMD CPU getting 30~ fps if I was lucky.

My next big step into becoming the player I am was the first time I played So Awesome. Although it was an extremely unfun experience and hitha totally 1 shot me across the map, it just showed me even more that I had room to improve.

After that I had begun to start playing ESL frequently and trying to play smarter, not harder. Eurobobs make for good practice. I then joined XTS (original one full of EU players)

I finally felt like I had accomplished something, I had joined a decently established team with well known players and room to grow. They had doubts in me and I eventually got benched as a whole due to favoritism/whatever reasons. Like the baby I am, I left. I'd like to thank MaDDoG for believing in me when I thought no one in XTS did, and stayed loyal to me as a friend even once I left. He always gave me encouraging advice on life and for that, I am forever in debt to him! <3 I knew I could do better. I knew I could find a team that could appreciate my skills and would have a starting spot. I then joined AXIOM.

Probably my favorite team I had been on all throughout BF3. Aztec is a really chill dude, Eugene is hilarious and we both skate, secretasianman is so fucking kind and generous and last but not least AIDERMOIIIII.

I'll be real, at the time, AXIOM wasn't that great. We lost to fucking zro talent frequently. Wtf. Anyways, it didn't stop me. What matters is that we all had a damn good time, but I had the fire in my eyes. I wanted more than fun, I wanted to make AXIOM a winning team. I think if it wasn't for me they would have never went 8-0 in CEVO season 2, picked up great players like devil and other players. Just kidding, but I want to think I was a big part of that team and helped lead us to ours (or at least my) first big win that actually mattered. AKA a match against nXs to keep the 8-0 dream alive. We were the underdogs by a longshot but like I told my team at the time, there is no reason we can't win. And we did.

But as time went by, my heart/desire drifted elsewhere. AXIOM improved greatly into a very solid team and is probably a top 5 team now but I didn't want that, I wanted to be the best.

I got an offer to join webSPELL NA. Possibly the best team to play BF3 as far as I'm concerned. I am greatly humbled to even be considered to join them, let alone actually join. We had literally the best line-up you could ask for. Me, Steeler, Reck, Sulsah and Popcorn. It was the dream team honestly. Despite being an extremely new team and have some chemistry issues at the beginning we managed to put it aside and set our eyes for the top. We eventually went on to beat nXs and XTS (sA) to become champions of an actual tournament, can you believe that? Chaos? That nobody, that scrub? The pubstar no one knew about? Apart of a team that won a tournament and taking our the best 2 teams currently playing? It's unreal.

So that's it. I want to say thank you again to all of the friends I have made over the time and the people who gave me a chance. I love you all and can't wait to see who will dominate in BF4.

My name is Chaos, this is my story.

Notable players that influenced me to get better:


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