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Join this clan, when you bring the DeG Tags will be proud of you.

Hello, I am black in this clan there will be a bit 'of rules to follow. Inanza all start to explain things a bit: In this clan you play serious but sometimes you may well joke. This clan will conquistrare 's goal (to become the strongest in the world)
In CW clan will.


-You do not need the premium.
-It is not necessary Battlefield 4
-Required comfortable chair. xD
-Required to participate in the training of Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 4 (For the school or to study or to do the same mishaps)
-Do not insult the members of the clan (joke for you)
-Respect the decisions of the Founder and of the leaders.
-Required to put the tag (RG)
-Do not insult the Admin Servers Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 4.
The Open Recruitments are not needed to register on the forum just make the request.


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