Attacking Rush Players
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Proudly introducing the ARP, Attacking Rush Platoon which came out after merging APP and RUSH platoon.

About us:

We are bunch of players mostly gathered from damavand peak server which is our platoon server until BF 4 comes out. Some of are us pro, some of us are good and some are just average players, but there's one thing which connects us- love to rush mode.

BF4 servers: - 24/7 RUSH High Tickets - 24/7 Conquest High Tickets

-preordered, more info soon

Teamspeak server:


Our website (Thanks to almighty Jep and Grote)

Our beloved fathers founders and server providers:


All hail !


We don't demad from you to be the best lonely wolf, we demand from you cooperation, engagement and enjoying the game with us !

If you wish to join us write an application which should involve:

-fps games experience
-your level of commitment to the game (casual or shitbucket)
-your place of living
- are you able to play with teamspeak

Then play with us for a few days so we can judge you.

Every member is obligated to use ARP tag on any server.


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