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Hey, since ive been asked so many times by so many players to show them a little how to fly the helicopter, i decided to try this. This Platoon should be some sort of schedule and forum for all those who are interested in taking private lessons.

For the beginning ill set a date and you can apply for it. who comes first gets it first, so be quick.
this is a testrun for me and for you. i never heard of anything compareable so far^^

Conditions to apply:

#1 If you speak german you have to watch all 4 parts of the Tutorial me and Sheriff made before.





#2 You shouold have at least a little experience in the Helicopter, i know this hard to define, and you wount find things like you have to have a certain amount of kills in the helicopter to apply here, cause i dont give a shit about stats... they say nothing. But you schould have mastered the basics.

#3 I will Stream every Lesson on my twitch channel, so be aware that everything you say might be heard by more ppl then you think^^

So if you dont have a problem with all this.... feel free to apply. And if you have... Just watch me flying with the others.

First Date: Sunday 13. April 18:00 open End (cause not figured out yet what makes sense^^)


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