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Xbox 360 Specific Issues: Info & Troubleshooting

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2013-03-24 05:07
Hi everyone,

In an effort to keep everything together in one place and streamline the stickies a little bit, please find below the links to the main threads related to Xbox 360 specific issues:

- Not Premium in Battlelog after purchase on Xbox?

Have you bought Battlefield 3 Premium on your Xbox 360 and you do not get Premium on Battlelog?

Try this workaround:

1. Sign out from Battlelog
2. If you have Battlefield 3 running on you Xbox 360, quit to the Dashboard
3. Start Battlefield 3 on your Xbox 360
4. Go into the Premium menu in Battlefield 3 on your Xbox 360
5. Sign in to Battlelog

All the Battlelog Premium features should now be available, if not please contact EA Support.

Main thread link for further info: []


- Xbox 360 "Existing profile data appears damaged.."

For those of you on Xbox receiving the error message "Existing profile player data appears to be damaged and cannot be used," try going through this step by step process as follows:

1. Go to your Xbox Dashboard.
2. Enter 'System Settings.'
3. Select 'Memory.' (Select your hard drive)
4. Go into 'Games'
5. Choose 'Battlefield 3'
6. Select the 'Profile Save Data'
7. Delete it!

Please be aware that by doing this, your single player campaign progress will be erased. However, you should be fine as long as you have unlocked the achievements for it already. Multiplayer stats will remain unaffected as they are linked to your account and not your hard drive. In order to avoid this error message in the future, do not turn off your console while the game is in the midst of saving.


- Xbox 360 Stat Problems

We are aware of issue affecting stats for some Xbox 360 player stats. We are working to investigate and resolve this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Please do no post additional threads regarding this issue.

Main thread link for further info: []
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